Trugain-2% Minoxidil USP

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Following topical application Minoxidil is poorly absorbed from normal intact skin, with an average of approximately  1.7%  of  the  total  applied  dose  ultimately  reaching  the  systemic  circulation.  Minoxidil  works  in  part  by  partially  enlarging  the  hair  follicles  and  reversing  the  miniaturization  process.  By  enlarging  miniaturized  follicles,  the  growth  phase  of  the  hair  cycle  is  prolonged,  allowing  the  hair  to  become longer and thicker looking. Minoxidil also causes vasodilation of the microcirculation around the hair follicles which may stimulate hair growth. Following cessation of topical dosing of Minoxidil, approximately  95%  of  systemically  absorbed  Minoxidil  is  eliminated  within  four  days.  Minoxidil  does  not cross the blood brain barrier and are excreted principally in the urine.

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